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1. Informal Fixed; stationary: stay put.

2. Being in place .

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1. An end To bring to an end; terminate.

2. Arm Slang To ask another for money.

3. Make Slang To make sexual advances to.

4. Put (one) in mind To remind: You put me in mind of your grandmother.

5. Put (oneself) out To make a considerable effort; go to trouble or expense.

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1. An option to sell a stipulated amount of stock or securities within a specified time and at a fixed price.

2. Sports An act of putting the shot.

3. A throw made with an overhand pushing motion.

4. The act or an instance of putting the shot.

5. An option to sell a specified amount of a security (as a stock) or commodity (as wheat) at a fixed price at or within a specified time .

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1. Put about Nautical To change or cause to change direction; go or cause to go from one tack to another.

2. Put across To attain or carry through by deceit or trickery.

3. Put across To state so as to be understood clearly or accepted readily: put her views across during the hearing.

4. Put away Informal To confine to a mental health facility.

5. Put away Informal To consume (food or drink) readily and quickly: put away the dinner in just a few minutes.

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1. To place in a specified position or relationship .

2. To move in a specified direction.

3. To send (as a weapon or missile) into or through something .

4. To throw with an overhand pushing motion .

5. To bring into a specified state or condition .

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Put Sentence Examples

Be sure to put aside a thin piece of wood to specifically stir paint with.0 | 0 |
Those three got hold of a bear somewhere, put it in a carriage, and set off with it to visit some actresses!0 | 0 |
He put the bag of money on top of them and then leaped into the water.0 | 0 |
You should put pressure on a staff to give them the opportunity to practice skills.0 | 0 |
Trying to write is very much like trying to put a Chinese puzzle together.0 | 0 |
He put his foot in the stirrup.0 | 0 |
We put in place short-term measures to reduce the amount of watering we are doing.0 | 0 |
Princess Mary put off her departure, and for three weeks looked after Natasha as if she had been a sick child.0 | 0 |
They put aside their differences during the war.0 | 0 |
Where have they put him?0 | 0 |
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