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1. Pull a fast one Informal To play a trick or perpetrate a fraud.

2. Pull something To carry out a deception or swindle.

3. Pull the plug on Slang To stop supporting or bring to an end: pulled the plug on the new art courses.

4. Pull the rug (out) from under Informal To remove all support and assistance from, usually suddenly.

5. Pull the string Baseball To throw an off-speed pitch.

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1. A deep inhalation or draft, as on a cigarette or of a beverage.

2. A sustained effort: a long pull across the mountains.

3. Force exerted in pulling or required to overcome resistance in pulling.

4. Informal Ability to draw or attract; appeal: a star with pull at the box office.

5. Slang A means of gaining special advantage; influence: The lobbyist has pull with the senator.

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1. Pull ahead To move ahead, as in a race.

2. Pull away To move ahead: The horse pulled away and took the lead in the race.

3. Pull away To move away or backward; withdraw: The limousine pulled away from the curb.

4. Pull back To withdraw or retreat.

5. Pull down Informal To draw (money) as wages: pulls down a hefty salary.

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1. To move back from the line of scrimmage and toward one flank to provide blocking for a ballcarrier.

2. To feel or express strong sympathy .

3. To admit of being .

4. To draw a gun.

5. To strain against the bit.

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1. Nautical To row a boat.

2. To drink or inhale deeply: pulled on the cold beer with gusto; pull on a cigarette.

3. To exert force in moving something toward the source of the force.

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Pull Sentence Examples

He didn't like that she was able to pull those memories free of the prison he'd sent them to.0 | 0 |
It's not easy information to pull up but I have a friend.0 | 0 |
Dusty, just send in a team to pull her out.0 | 0 |
Helen began to pull off the jacket, saying, "I must give it to a poor little strange girl."0 | 0 |
One of the girls grabbed her hand to pull her to the blankets where they'd been sitting while another one tugged at a loose lock of her hair.0 | 0 |
She turned to see him pull a knife from under his pillow.0 | 0 |
Deidre tried to pull away but was unable to move.0 | 0 |
"You don't pull any punches, Sofi," he growled.0 | 0 |
My bed in the homeless shelter, definitely a first for me, was a pull-out in a small room behind the main hall.0 | 0 |
Adrienne tried to pull away from Brandon, but he hung on to her defiantly.0 | 0 |
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