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1. Lay an egg Informal To fail, especially in a public performance.

2. Put Informal To risk everything on a single venture.

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1. A female gamete; an ovum. Also called egg cell.

2. Something having the ovoid shape of an egg.

3. The oval, thin-shelled reproductive body of a bird, especially that of a hen, used as food.

4. The round or oval female reproductive body of various animals, including birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, and insects, consisting usually of an embryo surrounded by nutrient material and a protective covering.

5. The hard-shelled reproductive body produced by a bird and especially by the common domestic chicken.

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1. To incite to action.

2. To cover with egg.

3. To pelt with eggs.

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1. Slang To throw eggs at.

2. To cover with beaten egg, as in cooking.

3. To encourage or incite to action. Used with on: The racing fans egged their favorites on.

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Egg Sentence Examples

In many of the Fungi the non-motile male cell or nucleus is carried by means of a fertilizing tube actually into the interior of the egg-cell, and is extruded through the apex in close proximity to the egg nucleus.0 | 0 |
Fertilization.The formation of the zygote or egg-cell takes place usually by the fusion of the contents of two cells, and always includes, as -0 | 0 |
The seed is enclosed when ripe in the fruit, a development of the ovary as a result of fertilization of the egg-cell.0 | 0 |
The irritation set up by the hatching egg and its resulting larva appears to be the stimulus to development, and net a poison or enzyme injected by the insect.0 | 0 |
The female gametophyte is extremely reduced; there is a sexual apparatus of naked cells, one of which is the egg-cell which, after fusion with a male cell, divides to form a large siispensorial cell and a terminal embryo.0 | 0 |
The fertilized egg-cell (oospore) forms a filamentous structure, the proernbryo, from a restricted basal portion of which one or more embryos develop, one only as a rule reaching maturity.0 | 0 |
The Bryophyta and Pteridophyta have sprung from the higher Thallophyta, and together form the larger group Archegoniatae, so-called from the form of the organ (archegonium) in which the egg-cell is developed.0 | 0 |
Malpighi, who affirmed that the body of the chick is to be seen in the egg before the punctum sanguineum makes it appearance.0 | 0 |
Bonnet affirms that, before fecundation, the hen's egg contains an excessively minute but complete chick; and that fecundation and incubation simply cause this germ to absorb nutritious matters, which are deposited in the interstices of the elementary structures of which the miniature chick, or germ, is made up.0 | 0 |
This same way of looking at the origin of the material world is illustrated in the Egyptian notion of a cosmic egg out of which issues the god (Phta) who creates the world.0 | 0 |
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