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Word Fact:
More English words begin with the letter "S" than any other letter of the alphabet.


1. Mathematics second (of arc).

2. Second (unit of time).

3. Stere.

4. Strange quark.

5. Symmetrical.

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1. Any of the speech sounds represented by the letter s.

2. Something shaped like the letter S.

3. The 19th in a series.

4. The 19th letter of the modern English alphabet.

5. Something shaped like the letter S.

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1. Sulfur.

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S Sentence Examples

A specific set of rules applies for the use of long s in german text, but nowadays it is rarely used in antiqua typesetting.0 | 0 |
But google does read images too text s text is better surely now.0 | 0 |
But my pr has been playing with only 3 numbers 3,4,5 it revolves in this 3 ranks, and the similar problem I am facing when every morning I came and check the pr not s single morning goes without surprise.0 | 0 |
Comcanada s largest online community for young peoplehow did nexopia.0 | 0 |
For example, assume that a document s is 2 years olds.0 | 0 |
Four days before some 100 million viewers tune in to watch the new england patriots and seattle seahawks battle in super bowl xlix, a california lawmaker introduced a bill to protect the rights of women like those who will be dancing on the sidelines on s0 | 0 |
Gallery see also list of mineralsreferenceshurlbut, cornelius s.0 | 0 |
Honduras in 2000 ricardo maduro was chosen as the national party of honduras candidate for the honduran presidential election of november 2001 in spite of having been born in panama, and there being a prohibition against anyone not born in honduras from s0 | 0 |
I have met him once at smx london, but that s about it.0 | 0 |
In 1863 he succeeded in running his fleet past the confederate fort at vicksburg to meet ulysses s.0 | 0 |
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