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Crossword Solver

How to use our crossword solver

You can use our crossword solver in 2 very distinct and independent ways. You have the option to either enter a "hint" or "clue" (up to 4) in the fields on the top row and you can enter letters you already know in their spots on the bottom row. You are not required to enter something into every field, but you have to use at least one field. Based on the clues you give us and/or letters we can find words which may be the most logical choice for you to use.

The way our crossword solver works is that we look up a database of over 200,000 words, we use our definitions to words when you use a "clue" and compare it. If we find an exact match we will show you, we even find related terms and try and suggest those. It`s important to understand that when you use a clue or letter you are defining that as a "must have". We will base our results on that so please choose your letters and clues wisely.

We are always looking to improve our crossword solver so please contact us and give us your suggestions!

Crossword Solver

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